Thank You for visiting our business support page! We are available Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PST. You may reach someone in our office by phone at 1-877-938-0988 or by email at

14 thoughts on “Business Support

  1. Alissa J Glaski says:

    I am a licensed Esthetician and am very interested in this line! Are there samples available? Thanks

  2. Terry Vega says:

    Hi , I’m Terry . I’m a LE and own a spa in Orange, Ca.
    I’m looking for a natural /organic products to use and retail at my spa.
    Do you have samples that we can try? Heard good things about your company. Want to learn more.
    Thanks .

  3. Jaimilee Kalich says:

    Good Morning!
    I am a Licensed Esthetician and I would absolutely love to sample some of your products.
    I myself have sensitive skin and need clean products as well as for my clients.

  4. Donna Level says:

    Licensed Esti here and I would love to have the deluxe sample kit. I’m still searching for Vegan skincare to introduce to our salon.

  5. Amy Diaz says:

    I’m an Independent LE. I would like to receive samples of your line. Do your spa partners have exclusivity and do you provide Professional Grade treatments and protocols?

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