Three Awesome Chocolate Macrofoliant Tips!

We LOVE Chocolate Macrofoliant! Heres three awesome tips for the treatment room!

1. Emulsify the product in coconut oil! If your client has extra dry skin, instead of adding water to the product add a tiny bit of coconut oil and apply mixture directly to skin! Not only will it smell like heaven, it will help infuse the skin with more moisture. Just make sure the coconut oil you choose is ORGANIC!

2. Layer with the Chocolate Masque for a delicious facial experience! Dont rinse the macrofoliant, instead add the masque right on top and steam, then rinse after 5-10 minutes. Yummy!

3. For a patient who has sun damage, emulsify the Macrofoliant with the Rewind Serum instead of water.  This will infuse the skin with extra Kojic Acid and will help to prevent and treat pigmentation while you exfoliate. Awesome!


For more awesome tips tune in to our YouTube channel!



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