Three ways to boost product sales

We get so many questions regarding product sales and how to deal with slow months like July/August when customers are out in the sun rather than in your store! Here are three main tips I give my customers:

1. Are your products being showcased? Meaning, are you just throwing products on the shelf or are you showcasing their story? Your display should be at eye level and first and foremost tell a story to your customer. Before you even explain the products, your display should have already explained itself! One thing I find helpful is creating contrast in your display. When I was in art school we were taught that contrast helps create a focal point- and thus increase attention and interest. Do this by using decor and visual objects that compliment the colors and themes in your products you are trying to sell. For example, @fountainofyouthskincare is ‘farm grown’. I would add some faux (tasteful!) grass to your display and maybe some wood stands. I would also put a few frames out with some branded photography. Doing these extra things will drive more sales or at the very least create enough visual interest that people will be asking you questions, giving you more opportunities to sell!

2. Social Media Marketing. Are your pictures telling your brands story or are they blurry, out of focus & not well lit? I think the biggest mistake people make is not promoting the products they carry effectively. Email the product distributor and ask if they have pictures you can use, or visit their Facebook and save pictures to repost (make sure to always give picture credit and do not make edits to copyrighted content!) and post them regularly on social media. I say regularly because I mean it. Not once a month, not twice a week, but every day! check out our Instagram feed for examples of social media content and feel free to repost our (original, unedited!) pictures!

3. Are your products fully stocked or are you still selling the same serum that’s been sitting collecting dust since 2013? Out with the old and in with the new! Make sure you are dusting and ROTATING products regularly! Customer notice this stuff and I am always surprised that these things get overlooked. The other main issue I see is when there are only 1-2 of a SKU on the shelf it comes off to a client that people must not buy the product much: clients do think about these things! People want the new hot product; they want what works amazing and what they see other people buying. If your wonderful products are sitting collecting dust and haven’t been rotated in a year, it might be time to do a little spring cleaning and switch it up!



Fountain of Youth is a leading vegan skincare product line that specializes in cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, exfoliants, and masques. We have vegan skincare for acne, wrinkles, redness, and other skin problems. Our gentle, farm-grown ingredients are 100% organic and made with ❤️ in Oregon. You can shop for vegan skin care products on our website and we also offer organic spa professional wholesale skin care as well. If you love our products, consider becoming an ambassador by promoting our products and showing the world that vegan skincare doesn’t have to be boring. We will never sell on Amazon or other third-party websites because vegan and organic skincare don’t have to mean expensive skincare. Show us some love on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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