All About Serums: Benefits, Uses, and Types Of Serums

What are the benefits of a serum?

Read about the benefits, uses, and types of professional serums available to see if a serum is right for you and your skincare regimen.

Serums aren’t new, but there’s so much mystery about them despite the fact that they seem to be popping up everywhere. But not all serums are created equal, nor are their uses! Keep reading for our easy – to – follow step by step guide on the benefits of serums, types of serums and most importantly how and when to use a serum!


Ingredients are (usually) potent and effective, delivering advertised results. Think of serums as highway deliveries for ingredients. Typically, serums are water based and highly absorb-able. Usually serums have smaller molecules, allowing for optimum skin absorption. Another benefit of a serum is that they give the most bang for your buck. In other words, they are highly effective and (usually) do what they say after repeated use and a dedicated skincare routine.

Ease Of Use

Serums are amazing little bottles of magic, partly due to the fact you can use them with or without moisturizing or doing anything special to your face before hand. Though its always recommended to use a serum after cleansing and toning, you can use serums for more than just a step by step boring skin routine. For example, the daytime serum we use, I pat on right over the top of my makeup in the morning as a setting serum. This isn’t how the serum is advertised – but doing this makes my skin glowy and dewy – I get so many compliments! So, as long as your using a serum regularly.. you really can’t go wrong with how you add it into your routine.

Hello Hydration!

If the ingredient delivery wasn’t the best news ever, take the super hydration you get from using a serum. A serum isn’t a mere moisturizer, only lasting for a couple of hours. Not to put moisturizers down or anything – they have their own set of benefits and are a MUST in any skin care regimen. But if you have to buy one or the other – I would recommend splurging on that serum! A serum is typically infused with super hydrators like hyalouronic acid that actually holds 1,000 times its weight in H20 molecules. That means that when you put a hyalouronic acid serum on your skin – your skin actually attracts water – keeping your skin plump and hydrated for many hours if not the entire day.

Vitamin C Serum

If you aren’t integrating a good vitamin C serum into your skin care routine. You are missing out on some amazing skin care benefits! So what is a vitamin C serum, and how do you know what the best vitamin C serum is to buy? Vitamin C is essential because it is a natural antioxidant that can help reduce skin aging. It is a naturally occurring vitamin in many of our favorite fruits that when applied to the face, has many benefits. The benefits of vitamin C in skincare are vast and if you are concerned with wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, or skin tone.. Vitamin C serum serum will be your new best friend! Vitamin C serum promotes collagen and elastin and has the ability when used regularly to actually boost skin elasticity.

Some of our favorite serums include:

Fountain Of Youth Skin Care, Rewind Serum, $65.00.

Fountain Of Youth Skincare, Dream Serum, $65

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