Are the products you sell actually exclusive? Our editor Allison tells us her perspective.

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Hey guys! Allison here! Real Boutique lines are hard to come by. What I mean by that is are you’re current boutique lines professional, unbeatable, consistent and genuine? Fountain of Youth Skincare is just that, devoted to real genuine values! Let me tell you more about what FOY is all about:

  • Fair Pricing Model – No middle men, distributors or chain stores means no unfair markups.
  • Organic Farming – We try to come by the most natural and organic local ingredients we can get.
  • Veganism – Starting a movement away from use of animal by-products to us is a NEED, not a gimmick.
  • Local – We live and breathe local here, dedicated in hiring local, using local vendors, and buying local.

Learn more about us on our “about” page, and send us your feedback by leaving a review!

xoxo, Allison, Editor



Fountain of Youth is a leading vegan skincare product line that specializes in cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, exfoliants, and masques. We have vegan skincare for acne, wrinkles, redness, and other skin problems. Our gentle, farm-grown ingredients are 100% organic and made with ❤️ in Oregon. You can shop for vegan skin care products on our website and we also offer organic spa professional wholesale skin care as well. If you love our products, consider becoming an ambassador by promoting our products and showing the world that vegan skincare doesn’t have to be boring. We will never sell on Amazon or other third-party websites because vegan and organic skincare don’t have to mean expensive skincare. Show us some love on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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