Best Natural & Organic Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

The Best Organic Anti-aging Skincare Routine for You

Our modern world has a lot in place to help us age with vitality and grace. High-quality supplements, exercise options, and easy access to medical care make it possible to stay active and confident well into our later years.  


As time marches on, however, your body experiences aging in many different ways. From hormones to hair to bones and muscles, age has an impact on every body system. This fact is equally true for your skin. You may be noticing dark spots, thinning skin, acne, or new sensitivities as the years pass.


Just as other areas of your self-care may change over time, so too should your skincare routine. Here is the best organic skincare routine for anti-aging success.

Step One: Go Natural

If you haven’t already done it, introducing natural and organic products into your routine is one of the best things you can do for your skin at any age. Because your body absorbs about 60% of the products you apply topically, moving toward items with certified organic and all natural ingredients is essential.


Many commercial skincare products contain artificial ingredients that increase inflammation and the tendency to allergic reactions. As you age, your skin often becomes more sensitive anyway. So it’s essential to steer clear of those ingredients. Turning instead to products that are 100% natural, organic, and vegan will help keep your skin clear and smooth without the high risk of a reaction.

Step Two: Consider a Moisturizing Cleanser

Older skin is drier skin. As we age, our skin loses much of its natural moisture and oils, resulting in dry skin for most people. Organic liquid and cream non-foaming cleansers tend to help your skin retain its natural oil, keeping it looking fuller and smoother.


Products that contain fatty acids, such as almond oil or coconut oil, will do wonders for your skin. These building blocks are the good fats that our bodies need. Many organic vegan skincare lines include these plant-based nutrients through ingredients such as nut oils and flaxseed oil.


Look for cleanser options with organic ingredients to keep irritation and dryness to a minimum. Ingredients such as vitamin C and aloe can help calm and soothe dry skin. Try to find products without artificial colors and fragrances. 

Step Three: Periodically Use a Gentle Exfoliant

Exfoliating is a crucial step as your skin ages since it removes dead cells, leaving your skin looking smoother and younger. Aging skin generally does not need a daily exfoliant, however. Typically, once a week at the most is enough. Be sure to choose a product with all-natural ingredients, such as oats, that will exfoliate gently. 


To take your skincare routine up a delicious notch, consider anti-aging products and exfoliants that contain chocolate. With antioxidants, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, chocolate is a powerhouse ingredient for your skin.


For some people, aging brings about new skin sensitivities. Use exfoliants sparingly to see how your skin handles the scrub. Apply the products gently and avoid vigorous rubbing to protect your skin. Although the removal of dead top-layer cells is important, keep in mind that aging skin is thinner and requires a gentler touch.

Step Four: Time for a Serum

Many women opt to skip the serum part of their skincare routine. But then time marches on, and their skin demands more love. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of serum to your face to help rejuvenate the cells. 


Seek out organic skincare choices that contain ingredients like salicylic acid to help boost the skin’s production of elastin and collagen. These natural components, activated by the skin’s fibroblast cells, build up the structure of the skin and are responsible for a supple, firm complexion. There are serums available for all ages and stages and all skin types. Find one that feels good to you.


Some women feel that they get enough moisturizing and hydration from using a serum alone. Others prefer to use an organic moisturizer as well. If you use both, apply the serum first. Serums have a different design and structure than moisturizers. They do not include fillers and “sealers” such as petrolatum. 


Because of their structure, serums can penetrate more deeply into the skin, addressing damage and signs of aging at a cellular level. This ability to work deeply is why it is so important to add a serum to your anti-aging skincare products.

Step Five: Show Your Eyes Some Love

Since the skin under your eyes is thinner to begin with, it tends to be one of the first places to show signs of aging. Fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles are common complaints as we age. Why do the eyes seem to take such a hit?


All of the following age-related changes impact the skin around your eyes:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Loss of fat and bone
  • Loss of collagen
  • Blood vessel restriction and congestion


Some of the signs of aging are hereditary, but you can mitigate others with lifestyle changes and high-quality organic eye cream. Getting enough sleep and avoiding cigarettes and high salt intakes will help keep the skin around your eyes in better shape. Sleeping on your back rather than on your stomach can also help reduce puffiness under your eyes since it keeps the blood vessels from becoming congested.


Choose an eye cream with all-natural ingredients to treat the area with TLC. Products with beneficial ingredients like vitamin E, green tea, and arnica will help reduce dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. Dab the cream on gently with the pads of your fingertips in the morning and again at bedtime. Since this product goes so close to your eyes, it is critical to choose a cream with all-natural, certified organic ingredients. 

Step Six: Don’t Skip Bedtime Skincare

When we are tired and ready for bed, following our skincare routine can be the last thing we want to tackle. But even a shortened process at bedtime is essential for anti-aging help. At the very least, use some gentle makeup wipes and your eye cream before hitting the hay. But ideally, go through your complete cleansing and moisturizing steps as usual. 


Your whole body, including your skin, rejuvenates itself while you are resting. If your face still has makeup or sunscreen or other products on it, the pores may clog. Then your skin cannot breathe enough to go through its restoration process while you sleep. This can lead to deeper wrinkles and dull skin – not the look most of us want. Take a few minutes for this important step, and your morning face will thank you for it.


And part of your bedtime skincare routine is the actual bedtime! Don’t skimp on your sleep. Having a rested body means having rested skin. Your skin will be able to fight the signs of aging much more easily if it has time to refresh and rejuvenate overnight.

Step Seven: Remember Water and Sunscreen

Ok, this one isn’t necessarily a step in your anti-aging skincare routine. But it is critical to healthy skin. Water supports total well-being for your entire body. Since it aids in circulation and ridding the body of toxins, it helps keep your skin looking its best.


There are many schools of thought about how much water we should drink each day. But don’t worry about following specific rules about the number of ounces you need to consume. Reach for water as your first drink of choice throughout the day, and you’ll be on the right path. 


And sunscreen? There just really isn’t a debate. When you use a high-quality product with natural ingredients, your skin will reap the benefits. Even if you didn’t use sunscreen in your younger years, it’s not too late to provide anti-aging protection from dark spots and other issues now.


In addition to the cosmetic benefits of using sunscreen, there are, of course, the protective properties too. Faithful use of an all-natural, broad-spectrum sunscreen helps guard you against skin cancer such as basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. And for further protection, consider a wide-brimmed hat when you are out in the sun. 

Protect the Skin Barrier

You may wonder why you need all of these steps and products to give your skin a boost. What happens to our skin over the years to require all of this?


The topmost layer of the epidermis is the skin barrier. When it is healthy and functioning correctly, it does just what its name implies. It acts as a barrier. It keeps nutrients and moisture in the skin where they belong and keeps irritants out.


Over time, however, this skin barrier breaks down, allowing natural oils and moisture to escape and pollutants and irritants to get in. Once this happens, the skin takes on damage at a deep cellular level. Using products with natural, organic ingredients from top skincare lines allows your body the chance to renew and replenish its skin barrier for optimal health.

High-quality Organic Vegan Skincare 

If you are ready to take your anti-aging skincare to a healthier level, Fountain of Youth Skincare has you covered. Our small batch products are made with organic, vegan, and natural ingredients from the earth. We never test on animals. We craft high-quality products for your skin without harming any of the creatures that share our earth with us. Reach out today to see how we can help you achieve healthy, youthful skin.

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