The Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

As we leave summer behind and welcome the cooler days of fall, you might be happy to reach for your sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes. But what you are probably less excited about is the change in your skin that can arrive with the changing of the seasons. And finding the best skincare routine for dry skin can be confusing.

If you are prone to dry skin anyway, the move into autumn and winter can cause you some skin distress. And if you have other skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, cold and dry weather may exacerbate the problems. Itchy, red, tight-feeling skin can leave you frustrated and irritated. 

It may seem that everywhere you turn, you see another product that is supposed to help with dry skin. But how can you discern which items are truly beneficial and which are a waste of time and money? 

Fountain of Youth is here to help. As creators of small-batch vegan, organic and natural skincare products, we know the perfect skincare regimen for dry skin. 

Keep It Simple for the Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you may be tempted to pile on products in the hopes of getting some relief. But you are likely to end up frustrated with the results. The best skincare for dry skin involves quality, not quantity.

Your best bet is to simplify your routine by focusing on four essential items:

  • Cleanser 
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer 

Choose high-quality products with premium ingredients for results you will love.

The Best Cleanser For Dry Skin

Selecting a cleanser may seem like a simple step, but this is where many people go wrong. If you have dry skin, you need to be careful in your cleanser selection. Look for gentle cleansers without a lot of foaming action for the greatest benefit. Cleansers with little or no foam will remove dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural protective oils.

Many of us grew up thinking that our cleanser needs to be foamy and bubbly to do any good. But when it comes to dry or sensitive skin, you need to choose other options. Products that lather up in a soapy sort of way tend to be full of chemicals that are harsh on your skin and are problematic for dry skin in particular.

Instead, opt for cleansers that are free of artificial dyes or fragrances, and that include organic, plant-based ingredients like aloe. Choices such as the Dream Cleanser from Fountain of Youth Skincare are the perfect option. Your skin will love you for it! 

With ethically-sourced vegan ingredients, this gel cleanser is terrific for your dry skin. Aloe, vitamin C, and vitamin E all help soothe and moisturize your skin. Since there are no artificial dyes or chemicals, the Dream Cleanser has very little foam. It is pure goodness for your body.

The Best Toner for Dry Skin

Not everyone chooses to use a toner as part of their skincare for dry skin. But when you select a high-quality product with safe, natural ingredients, a toner is wonderful for your skin. Many big-store or pharmacy toner options are full of chemicals that will exacerbate dry, sensitive, scaly skin. 

The job of a toner is to remove any traces of dirt or makeup that remain after cleansing. Removing these impurities will help your skin to look and feel its best. Fruit-based ingredients provide gentle exfoliation, protection from UV rays, and significant doses of vitamin C. 

The remarkable Dream Toner is the perfect follow-up after the Dream Cleanser. This vegan product will give your skin the hydrating boost it needs. And since it is full of ingredients like blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry extracts, your skin will get protection from pollution thanks to all of the fruity antioxidants.

The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

When it comes time to choose a face moisturizer for extremely dry skin, reach for both a serum and a moisturizer. This powerful combination will help heal, protect, and soften your skin. Why do you need both? Great question!

A serum is water-based and, therefore, your skin absorbs it easily. Serums penetrate much more deeply than moisturizers do, making them excellent for healing and restoration for your skin. And while you’re at it, share the love with your neck, chest, and hands too. Serums are powerful allies for your skin. 

The FOY Dream Serum has remarkable healing properties for your skin. With hyaluronic acid from vegan, organic ingredients, this powerful serum gives you soft, smooth skin wherever you need it. 

Follow the serum with an excellent moisturizer to complete your perfect skincare routine. Look for options with plant-based oils such as jojoba and shea butter to provide sufficient hydration. 

Fountain of Youth Skincare’s Coconut Moisturizer will have you feeling like you’re sitting on a tropical beach. It smells like heaven and leaves your skin feeling glorious. And for extra hydration, we even include vegan, kosher glycerin to ensure that you have a cruelty-free moisturizer for your dry skin.

Morning vs. Nighttime Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Depending on the products you choose, your skincare routine may look a little different in the morning than it does at night. Your morning regimen serves not only to smooth and hydrate your skin but also to protect it from pollutants and irritants. At bedtime, the goal is to help your skin rest and renew as you sleep. 

Fortunately, the Fountain of Youth products perform in both situations. They are full of fruity ingredients that give your skin protection from pollutants in the form of antioxidants. But they also have plenty of healthy, organic seed oils to leave your skin supple, smooth, and soft. No more dry skin for you! 

These powerhouse products are perfect for your morning and nighttime skincare routine. At bedtime, you might want to consider adding in an eye cream as well. If you have dry skin, you may experience itchiness around your eyes. An eye balm or cream will help the delicate skin around your peepers to heal and rejuvenate during the night while you sleep. You will wake up looking bright-eyed and ready to go.

Should I Exfoliate?

When you have skin that is dry, sensitive, or acne-prone, be cautious with exfoliation. Chain store offerings can be very harsh on your skin and can remove all of its natural oils. You may end up with even drier skin than before. 

When you do choose to exfoliate, be sure you opt for natural products that are gentle on your skin. Look for choices that rely on ingredients from Mother Nature rather than chemicals. Options that include chocolate can be especially great for hydration and protection. Thank you, Chocolate!

What If I Have Other Issues Along With My Dry Skin?

Often people who deal with dry skin also have other skin issues as well. Acne, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, and skin sensitivities can all coexist with extremely dry skin. If this is your situation, it is even more crucial that you choose your skincare products with care.

Rely on options with organic, plant-based ingredients to protect you from pollutants and help heal your skin. Some of the best ingredients around come from fruit:

  • Grapes and grapeseed oil help heal scars and restore an even skin tone.
  • Berries are high in vitamin C to help fight damage from aging and pollution.
  • Apples act as a natural toner, helping to unclog pores and make them look smaller.

If you make sure to choose high-quality products with natural ingredients, you will be able to solve many skin woes. With our best skincare routine for dry skin, you will enjoy healthy and happy skin all year long.

Only the Best for You

Dry or not, your skin deserves only the very best. Fountain of Youth Skincare is passionate about creating excellence for you. Our small-batch, hand-crafted products are good for the earth, good for the local economy, and good for you. We only use organic, natural, and vegan ingredients in our skincare line, locally-sourced whenever possible. If you are ready to enjoy healthy, glowing skin again, we are here to help.


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