California Bans Animal Testing

“I wish they all could be California laws.”


Those may not quite be the Beach Boys lyrics we’ve all heard, but here at Fountain of Youth Skincare, we’re celebrating California’s new law banning animal testing on cosmetics sold in the state. This bill, SB 1249, is a tremendous step forward in the fight against animal cruelty.


For decades the skincare and cosmetics industries have cruelly and unnecessarily relied upon animal testing in their products, but now the fight against this practice is gaining some serious traction. When it comes to legal precedents, many experts believe that as goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.


The Golden State’s bold, ethical move in the right direction will help pave the way for the United States to catch up with other countries that already ban animal testing. Norway, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Guatemala, and the European Union are among 37 countries that already have laws on the books to prevent animal cruelty by cosmetics companies. It’s beyond time for America to catch up.


A Long History of Animal Testing

Greek writings from 500 BC describe animal dissections in medical research, and early Romans practiced vivisection (dissection of live animals) in their studies. Clearly, the use of animals in education and research is not a new practice. But, we’re not in ancient times now, and these barbaric practices need to stop. Science and technology have evolved significantly enough that there is no longer any justification for animals to be used in testing for cosmetics. Cruelty-free products should be the norm in today’s societies.


Ineffective Testing Methods

In addition to being cruel and unnecessary, animal testing is not very useful in determining how humans will react to various products. For example, skin tests on guinea pigs have a 72% success rate in predicting human reactions. The alternative, cruelty-free methods have a 90% success rate. And this ineffectiveness extends beyond cosmetics into the world of drug testing. HIV vaccines that have been shown to work in chimpanzees repeatedly fail to be effective in humans.


Early Opponents to Animal Cruelty

Opposition to animal testing is not a recent development. The New England Anti-Vivisection Society started in 1871, and Queen Victoria herself raised concerns about animal cruelty in 1874. And with a record 44% of American adults opposing all forms of animal testing, it is time to break this educational and research habit. We are fortunate enough to live in a time and place with different options, and we need to move fully to using these alternatives.


Alternatives to Animal Testing

Fortunately, researchers have developed many safe options for testing cosmetics without harming animals. One incredible technology is frequently called “organs-on-a-chip.” Laboratories are now able to grow just about any human cell, and researchers have developed this device to mimic the heart, lungs, kidneys, and gut. With time, they believe they will be able to have an entire human-on-a-chip on a device that is roughly the size of a smartphone, allowing for non-invasive, cruelty-free testing.


Another alternative to animal testing is the use of computer models. The sophistication of computer modeling systems has grown rapidly to allow researchers to conduct experiments virtually so that no animals are harmed. Working with the mapping of the human genome, these tests can be safe and effective. These models, along with high-tech brain imaging, also allow for the safe use of human volunteers for some testing.


Fountain of Youth Skincare is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

California, we applaud you for your decision to be on the right side of animal rights. Thank you, Senator Cathleen Galgiani and Governor Jerry Brown for making this law a reality.


At Fountain of Youth Skincare, we are committed to using 100% vegan ingredients in our small batch organic skincare products. We know that it is absolutely possible, as well as ethically responsible, to create luxurious, high-quality products without harming animals. We oppose animal testing and are so glad to see the state of California lead the nation in the right direction.


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