Don’t Use Coconut Oil For Face Moisturizer – Here’s An Alternative

Keep reading to learn all about why you shouldn’t be using Coconut Oil for a face moisturizer and why you should be using a Coconut Moisturizer in your skin care routine instead!

Are you currently using a coconut oil for a face moisturizer? Read on for information on why you should not put coconut oil on your face as a moisturizer, and for an alternative!

Coconut Oil As A Moisturizer

Coconut Oil is a great natural moisturizer; however, it is not a true hydration solution. It is only a surface emollient, which means the moisturizing benefits are not doing anything for your skin long-term. Coconut oil acts like a wax, and not a true hydrator so it just sits on the skin like a film offering no true hydrating benefits.

Coconut Oil Causes Acne And Clogs Pores

Is coconut oil comedogenic? Coconut oil is very comedogenic, and in all honesty – it should be nowhere near your face as a moisturizer alone! The reason why is because the oil can’t seep into the skin and hydrate it – so it just sits on top of the skin much like a wax. Putting Coconut Oil on your face skin and leaving it there is a no-no.

Can I Use Coconut Oil As A Makeup Remover?

I personally don’t recommend using Coconut Oil as a makeup remover, but some people swear by it– it’s not as huge of a risk factor if you rinse it off. However, be aware it can still leave behind a slight film which again will not absorb and can act as a pore blocker, thus causing breakouts. Some people can get away with it – but if you are acne prone – I would steer clear!

Should I Use A Coconut Oil Body Scrub?

Absolutely! Using a body scrub that contains coconut oil is just fine. Avoid any areas like the back or face if you are acne prone. Because a body scrub is rinsed off, and often contains other ingredients, it is a great way to both exfoliate and make your skin feel baby soft afterwards! A coconut body scrub is perfectly safe, and we recommend The Coffee Body Scrub $22.00 USD, or The Tangerine & Coconut Body Scrub $22.00 USD for organic body scrub options! These body scrubs are also vegan and cruelty free and made exclusively by Fountain Of Youth Skin Care. Never heard of Fountain Of Youth Skincare? Read more about FOY skin care here!

What Should I Use Instead Of Coconut Oil On My Face?

Coconut oil is not the same as a coconut infused product. After all, coconut has amazing health benefits as we all know. That’s why we recommend checking out this $42.00 Coconut Face Moisturizer as an alternative to using Coconut Oil as a face wash or moisturizer. It is a vegan, organic & all natural skin care alternative to just using coconut oil, and is completely safe for acne-prone skin. Did we mention it smells like a tropical vacation???

So there you have it, reasons you should not be using coconut oil as a face moisturizer, and an awesome alternative! Leave some love in comments, or to be featured please contact us.

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