Face Masque 101 – Find the Right Masque for Your Skin

While you might think a face masque is reserved for spa days or “treat yourself” moments, they’re actually really important. And not just for relaxing—winding down with a glass of wine and soaking in some good TV—they’re literally one of the best ways to pump some nutrients into your skin.

Face masques, unlike sunscreen and a daily moisturizer, aren’t something you need every single day. However, over time, they can help minimize issues like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, acne and more. Plus, they smell nice and leave skin feeling silky smooth.

At Fountain of Youth, we’ve got a few different options, targeting a range of skin issues with whole food ingredients and potent moisturizing agents. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside:

Acne/Oily/Acne Scarring/Deep Exfoliation

Just about any skin type can benefit from this antioxidant-rich masque—it works to protect skin from environmental stressors—think too much sun, day-to-day pollution and so on. But those who do battle with acne or oily skin on the regular can use a big-time boost.

Acids sound scary and chemical laden, but in reality, they are your skin’s BFF.

Our Bluberry Acai Masque is as versatile as it is effective. Seriously— glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids bring serious benefits to all skin types.

For one, this acidic trio works to slough off dead skin cells. While antioxidants from blueberry and acai extracts pack a nutritional wallop—antioxidants penetrate the skin, after acids break down the top layer.

Sensitive Skin/ Deep Hydration/ Preventative Aging

Sensitive skin endures countless abuses in the name of beauty. But, irritating ingredients can cause inflammation, itching, rash, drying and more. Take care of that face! A soothing face masque once or twice a week restores moisture and staves off early signs of aging.

Calming VitaMasque is the perfect product for staying in—a practice in self-care provided by green tea and aloe vera, combined with the anti-aging benefits of vitamin c, lactic acid, and peptides. Peptides help rebuild collagen and repair, without the potential for irritation like you’ll get with glycolic acids and retinol.

Plumping/ Fine Lines /Anti-Aging / Hydrating/ Exfoliating

If you’re concerned about off-setting visible signs of aging (and who isn’t!), there’s a few pieces to the puzzle, when it comes to combatting wrinkles, crow’s feet smile lines and the rest.

Hydration, repair, exfoliate and moisturize.

Our Chocolate Masque is a good example of something that does it all—bamboo works as a natural exfoliator—taking the place of those harmful scrubbers in so many products. Hyaluronic acid helps skin retain moisture—which keeps skin plump and wrinkle-free for the long haul.

Whoever said chocolate isn’t good for you was a big fat liar.

Chocolate (when not paired with sweet, sweet sugar, of course) is loaded with antioxidants—which work to neutralize free radicals that come into contact with the skin. Combined with raspberry, this masque doesn’t skimp on these invisible protectors.

Face Masque for Combination Skin

If you’ve got the unlikely challenge of having combination skin—meaning some patches are oily, while others are dry or acne prone. Your best bet will be doubling down and nourishing the skin on an area by area basis. Say, you’ve got an oily T-zone, try the Blueberry Acai there, and use the Calming VitaMasque for the rest of the face.

Great Skin Doesn’t Always Come Easy

Now, in the end, if you want radiant skin you need to put in the work. Now, there’s plenty of masques that bring their A game when it comes to decadent textures and dreamy aromas. But, radiant skin is more than the sum of the products you use.  In addition to your regular routine, you’ll need to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside out.

But, radiant skin is more than the sum of the products you use.  In addition to your regular routine, you’ll need to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside out.

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