Fat Cupcake — Because Who Doesn’t Love a Cupcake

At Fountain of Youth, we pride ourselves on caring for our skin in the most health conscious way possible. With our farm-grown formulas, we’re all about healthy skin care from the outside in.

But, all kale and no play doesn’t make for very exciting culinary adventures, and even the healthiest green juice drinkers need a sweet treat from time to time.

But when we do indulge, we do it right. Cupcakes, baby. Local, small business cupcakes.

Enter Fat Cupcake–Sweets and Savories on Lock 

One of our favorite places to stop when the unstoppable sweet tooth strikes, Fat Cupcake is home to some of the coolest cupcakes in town.

Not to mention a super-cute storefront, decked out in the kind of baby blues that make the perfect antidote to the many rainy days we get here in PDX.

From the banana buttercream-ed Yellow Submarine to the Intern, a cupcake-sized explosion of espresso, Nutella and caramel, it’s hard to choose just one. Then there’s the German chocolate Grandfather Clock or blue-topped Mona Lisa.

Sigh… just too many choices.

Beyond the scrumptious buttercreams and remixed chocolate cakes, this little cupcake shop also features a mean selection of savory cupcakes—perfect for breakfast, lunch, or whenever hunger strikes.

For the meat eaters among us, the Boss Hog, a literal pulled pork “cupcake” or there’s the St. Helen’s a decadent explosion of chili and cheese. 

Cupcakes are Here to Stay

 While we certainly have experienced a veritable cupcake explosion within the past few years, cupcakes have certainly surpassed their status as a trend piece and are as much a part of the dessert scene as the donut, and have become as American as the baked apple pie.

Plus, desserts just make people happy.

Fat Cupcake owner, Anjelica Hayes says that’s exactly why she opened Fat Cupcake–to make people happy.

“Growing up, my mom always told me, “Life is unpredictable, eat dessert first. Those are words I have lived by. Cupcakes have always been an expression of both creativity and love for me. What says, “You are special,” better than a personal dessert specifically made for you?! Two and a half years ago, I had the opportunity to open up my first bakery, Fat Cupcake, and the rest is history.”

Hayes’ cupcakes really are perfect for making people feel special.  The cakes are designed with both breakups and forever unions in mind, birthdays and “just because” moments. Bite sized pieces of whimsy can be ordered up and decorated in all manner of colors and designs—the only limit is your imagination.

“People seem to love desserts as much as our Fat Cupcake crew! Six months ago, I opened up our second location, and I am eager to continue growing. Coming into Fat Cupcake is an experience, and if you haven’t stopped by yet, I hope you do soon!”  Hayes, again.

And as for happiness-inducing desserts, we were lucky enough to get some Fountain of Youth cupcakes made—check out the pics, almost too cute to eat (ALMOST).



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