Five Hot Decorating Tips for Fall

The cool breeze, warm sunshine, and fall festivities are here! It’s time to put up the pool gear and bring out the fall décor. But that doesn’t call for only getting out the Halloween decorations. Here are five of the hottest trends to decorate with this fall season:

  1. Fill your vases. Finally, a use for all those vases! Simply fill a few with a small variety of autumn bits and pieces, such as acorns, small skinny branches for a rustic feel, or even a variety of dried corn, beans and lentils to get a down-to-earth modern feel. Use these together as a center piece or on the mantle to give your dining room a little fall love.
  2. More than orange. Orange is a great a fall color, but there are so many other colors we shouldn’t overlook. A great alternative to stray away from the original bold color is to incorporate dried flowers in pale colors such as green and white. Dried hydrangeas with white pumpkins make a beautiful center piece and can be placed almost anywhere in your home.
  3. Paint your pumpkins. Metallic, white, pale and printed are the go to colors for this fall’s season. Pale shades of grey and blue are a must if you are looking for a modern vibe on your dining room table. A variety of sizes and prints on pumpkins can offer a beautiful twist to help your decorations stand out. Want to carve your pumpkins? Try drilling holes in a simple pattern then add a tea light inside to turn your pumpkin in to a beautiful lantern.
  4. Monogram your burlap. Burlap fabric and ribbon come in an assortment of widths. Small and medium widths can be used to create wreaths or even to wrap around mason jars, then easily paint your monograms to give it your own personal touch. You could even use the wide burlap as a table runner and tie the ends with a ribbon for a cozy touch to your table.
  5. A new take on garland. Garland is a great decoration to hang up and can be used for all kinds of occasions. For fall, string acorns (fake or cut-out), leaves, or burlap and hang them on the mantle or outside the front door. These creative and adorable garlands will bring your fall decorations together and give your guests a beautiful perspective!




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