Five Things to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Tis the season to give thanks! It amazes that thought the air is gets cooler, our hearts get warmer. Let this season be full of giving back to the people that have given you so much and the people who don’t have much to give. Encourage your family to go around in a circle and say one or two things they are thankful for. Here are few things to be thankful for this thanksgiving:

Family & friends. You wouldn’t be the person you have grown to be today if it wasn’t for your friends and family. Sometimes we forget to look past the little mishaps, but it’s time to let the tension go and let the positivity flow. Give thanks to your friends and family this thanksgiving. It’s simple enough to text someone, but consider going an extra step farther, whether that means a phone call, sending a card, or meeting up with some friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Your health. Sometimes we take our health for granted. We should remember to show our skin some love. Using sunscreen when you’re outside for long periods of time and treating your skin with natural products are easy ways to do this. The skin on your face can be the most sensitive, so show it some love this thanksgiving by using an organic face Masque with properties that will have your skin will thank you! For your body, treat yourself to a Sugar Scrub during a hot bath. Give thanks to your body this thanksgiving.

Sunshine. Be thankful that you can step outside, breathe in the fresh air and feel the warm sun as it hits your skin. As the Earth rotates, we only get half of the day to spend time with that blazing ball of fire! Take a day to appreciate that you get to wake up with such a beautiful gift to light your day. Give thanks to the Earth this thanksgiving.

Shelter. No matter how big the roof, be thankful you’re under one! You’ve worked hard to be where you’re at, don’t worry about how big someone else’s roof is… you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Give thanks to your living quarters.

Food. Good ole food! Not everyone is lucky enough to put food on the table. You can make this thanksgiving extra special by donating to give someone else a dinner. There are many places to donate. Something as little as a single can of food is more than people may have. Give thanks to food and give it someone in need this thanksgiving.



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