How to Give Yourself an Organic Facial at Home

As the weather changes and the hours of daylight shrink, you may find yourself looking for some comforting, cozy self-care routines. Colder temperatures can create changes in your skin during this time of the year, and those changes may require you to alter your skincare habits. Our faces usually need more care and attention during fall and winter to avoid redness, dryness, and irritation. A facial is a great way to address all of those problems.


If you’d like to indulge in the luxury of a facial, but you’d also like to stay home in your jammies, then Fountain Of Youth’s line of organic skincare products is just what you need for your very own at-home facial. With 100% vegan and organic ingredients, FOY’s line of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers will get your skin in tip-top shape.


Here are the six steps to follow for your perfect DIY organic facial.


  • Use an organic cleanser. This essential first step prepares your skin for pampering. Removing makeup and dirt will allow the other products that are coming up in your facial to work better. We offer two organic cleansers for you to choose from, depending on your skin’s needs. Our Dream Cleanser is ideal for normal, dry, and mature skin types, while our Clear Cleanser is perfect for oily, combination, and sensitive skin.
  • Steam. Get a bowl of hot water and a towel. Please use caution during this step, as steam can burn if it is excessively hot. Lean over the bowl with the towel draped over your head, allowing the steam to penetrate your skin. The steam opens your pores, further releasing impurities and preparing the skin for further cleansing and moisturizing. Some people enjoy putting a drop or two of their favorite essential oil in the hot water for a little aromatherapy.
  • Massage with an organic facial serum. This relaxing step helps your skin retain its elasticity and helps remove fine lines. Fountain of Youth has two organic serums for you to enjoy. Our Rewind Serum works wonders on wrinkles, scars, and discoloration. Dream Skin Serum works on any skin type and is particularly effective for acne and for its anti-aging benefits.
  • Use an organic face mask. A face mask provides a deeper cleansing along with exfoliation, leaving your face feeling softer than you can imagine. We dare you to find a more luxurious mask for your at-home facial than FOY’s famous Chocolate Masque. Smelling like chocolate cake with raspberry filling, this mask might make you think you’re sitting in a bakery instead of your living room. If you are looking to tone down your skin’s redness or pigmentation issues, try our Calming Vita Masque. And for help with acne-prone skin, the Blueberry Acai Masque is just what you need.
  • Apply an organic facial toner. This step removes any remaining product on your skin so that it is ready for moisturizing. Our two organic toners are in gel form, and the gel turns to liquid once it is warmed in your hands and applied to the skin. Both the Dream Skin Toner and the Clear Skin Toner work to balance your skin’s pH levels and return nutrients to your skin to keep it feeling and looking great.
  • Use an organic moisturizer. The final step in your DIY organic facial is critical. A high-quality moisturizer not only feels fantastic, but it also replenishes the oils your skin needs. With ingredients like mango, coconut, and green tea, our Fountain of Youth line of moisturizers will have you feeling like you’re in the tropics. Choose the product that best meets your skincare needs so you can wrap up your facial in luxury. And don’t forget your eyes! Our Rewind Eye Cream and Coffee Bean Eye Balm are the perfect way to pamper the delicate skin around your eyes, too.


Fountain of Youth Skincare is dedicated to creating high-quality, small-batch organic products from natural ingredients. Our skincare line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can enjoy your at-home facial with the knowledge that our products meet high standards to protect both you and the earth.

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