How Do Estheticians Pick Their Professional Skincare Lines?

How Do Estheticians Pick Their Professional Skincare Lines?

When it comes to skincare know-how, estheticians are the experts. They have spent countless hours studying the science behind skincare and the products designed to keep you looking your best.


When you choose a spa and technician for your pampering and self-care, you want them to use the top products available. With that in mind, professional skincare lines for estheticians should meet the highest standards possible. When they choose products to use on their clients, the experts demand excellence. Here are seven of the top questions estheticians ask when selecting professional skincare brands to use or endorse.

1. Are the ingredients safe and healthy?

There is much research available now on the effects of chemicals and animal products on the skin and the body in general. Estheticians are very cautious when selecting products to use on clients. Since more than half of skincare ingredients can pass the skin barrier, natural and organic ingredients are in high demand for their safety and efficacy.


Because estheticians rely on their customers’ trust to grow their businesses, they must choose products they feel good about using. Many spas and salons are adopting the use of organic vegan skincare lines to align with their ethical beliefs and those of their clients. Since vegan skincare is very safe and effective, it is growing by leaps and bounds in the industry.


Not only is science proving the value of natural, organic, plant-based ingredients, but customers are also demanding them. Estheticians seek to choose high-quality products that match their clients’ needs and wishes. And they want to select the safest and healthiest options on the market.

2. Are the ingredients ethically sourced?

In addition to questions surrounding safety, more and more consumers want to know where the ingredients in their beauty products come from in the first place. Many customers seek out small-batch skincare lines that are made in the United States from local sources whenever possible. 


Professional skincare lines that support local farmers and are cruelty-free are in high demand. Estheticians hold significant power in the fight against products that test on animals since their clients are demanding it. Technicians and salon owners carefully check ingredient lists and ask questions about the sources so they can align with their customers’ choices.

3. Will they work for multiple skin types?

Estheticians see all kinds of skin types, and they understand what each one needs to look and feel healthy. The pros look for lines with products that address many different needs and concerns for their clients’ skin. As they select professional skincare lines to use on customers, estheticians look for options to address all of the following:

  • Sensitive Skin – Those with sensitive skin need ingredients that will soothe flare-ups and help reduce uneven pigmentation. Estheticians look for products with green tea, oats, and sunflower oil to help clients who are dealing with sensitive skin.
  • Acne-Prone Skin – Many people seek out the expertise of an esthetician to help them address acne concerns. From teen years to adulthood, acne can hit at many times of your life and for different reasons. Top-notch estheticians will have a line of products in their arsenal to handle breakouts and reduce the appearance of scarring. Products that contain tea tree oil will help balance oiliness and t-zone troubles. Salicylic acid will help address scarring and redness from acne as well.
  • Dry Skin – Aging, sun damage, weather, and various medical conditions all can lead to dry, scaly, uncomfortable skin. When skin gets overly dry, it can feel itchy and sore. Scratching your skin can also lead to the chance of infection, further creating problems. With the right high-quality products, estheticians can bring healing to your skin. Natural ingredients such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, and aloe vera are very soothing for dry skin. Nut and seed oils also help replenish your skin’s moisture.
  • Aging Skin – Regardless of how careful you have been to pamper your skin, time marches on. Aging creates its own set of difficulties for your skin, but estheticians can work their magic in this situation, too. With the best organic anti-aging skincare available, the spa experts will get your skin into tip-top shape again. Gentle exfoliants, cleansers, and moisturizers will help address dark spots, fine lines, and other signs of aging. By using products that boost your skin’s collagen production and elasticity, estheticians will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

4. Are they more than just the latest fad?

Estheticians work hard to become experts at taking care of your skin. They earn their clients’ trust by staying current on the science of skincare to provide the best results possible. They must avoid chasing the supposed latest and greatest products just to be trendy. When choosing a new line of skincare items to use or endorse for clients, estheticians need to look into the ingredients and the research behind their use and effectiveness. Newer doesn’t always mean better in skincare. Estheticians have a responsibility to ensure the products are safe for their clients.

5. Will they set the spa apart from the competition?

When it comes time to choose professional skincare products, estheticians look for unique, high-quality items they can feel good about using. Offering a product that clients can buy at Costco, Amazon, or some other large chain retailer is not good enough for top-tier technicians. They typically seek out hand-crafted products that are not in use in every salon in town. Your day at the spa and your unique skin deserve something special.

6. Will the product line creators offer training and support as needed?

Most estheticians run their own spas or lease space in a salon or doctor’s office. They carry the entire responsibility of ordering and maintaining their stock of products to use with clients. When choosing a product line, estheticians want to know that the sellers will offer responsive customer service if and when questions arise. A lack of consistent service is a big red flag, so estheticians look for a company who they can build a relationship with over time.


They also want skincare lines that offer up-to-date training on the products. If the rep or business owner isn’t knowledgeable enough to provide training, the esthetician should move along to a different option. When selecting a skincare line to offer in your practice, look for brands that can provide you with all the information you need to stay current on their methods and research.

7. Are their products consistent?

When you are running a professional esthetician business, you must be able to rely on a skincare brand to be consistent. Products should work every time, without running into problems. Your clients depend on you to help them have healthy skin, and your chosen skincare line needs to deliver on that promise.


Small batch skincare products can be an excellent choice for estheticians. You likely will be able to develop a personal relationship with the maker so that you can fully understand their process and products. They are generally very hands-on in their craft to ensure each item works as promised. They can offer consistent products for you to enjoy and use for your clients. Some of the top skincare lines are small-batch companies.

Fountain of Youth Is Proud to Meet Your Needs

At Fountain of Youth Skincare, it is an honor to partner with professional estheticians who share our vision and values. We handcraft our product line, and we know you will feel good about offering it to your clients.


Our products are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. We support local farmers for our ingredients whenever possible and are happy to be making a difference in the world, one face at a time.


If you are looking to offer a high-quality professional skincare line that is good for your clients and good for the earth, reach out today. We’d love to hear from you.


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