Moisturizers that are acne safe – Should I use a moisturizer if I have acne?


You might be reading this because you have used everything under the sun and no matter what – you break out. Maybe you are sensitive to some products and worried a moisturizer would just add more oil to your face – causing a break out. If this sounds like you, keep reading! There are moisturizers that are acne safe, but you need to know what to look out for, and most importantly why you should use a moisturizer even if you have acne. In this article, we will bust the myth that people with acne can’t use a moisturizer. So, are moisturizers acne safe? Should I use a moisturizer if I have acne? Keep reading to find out!

Why Use A Moisturizer?

How do I keep my skin hydrated? A moisturizer is going to keep your skin hydrated, and also infuse much needed antioxidants into the skin to prevent signs of aging. After we cleanse, we strip our skin of some natural oils and if we don’t moisturize, our bodies will actually produce more oil to compensate. Once we get into that routine, acne flare ups happen more often – plus we get that all day greasy skin look (yikes!).

How To Have Less Fine Lines

A moisturizer will instantly boost your skin’s hydration – helping to reduce the appearance of texture and fine lines.

Makeup Will Look Better With A Moisturizer

It’s no secret that all of your favorite YouTuber’s have amazing skin and their makeup looks flawless. That’s because they probably have an awesome skincare routine, even though some of them have acne. A regular use of a moisturizer 1-2 times daily will make your skin look healthier and you’ll have less dry flaking/dry patches which usually present for dehydrated, thirsty skin.

A Moisturizer Can Even Out Your Skin’s Oil production

Most people I meet who are scared to use a moisturizer are that way because they think they already have oily skin and a moisturizer would just exacerbate their problem. This makes logical sense – but the opposite is true. Most people with oily skin tend to over cleanse and use stripping washes which alerts your body to produce more oil. Make sure you are using a moisturizing face wash that is gentle like this one! When you cleanse, and don’t add some form of moisture back into the skin you just stripped, your oil glands will work over time to compensate – giving you an oily skin problem and making it worse. Now, if you have oily skin it’s important to recognize that not every moisturizer is for you. Instead, I would recommend a matte finish moisturizer and not a dewy one especially if you get that mid-day shine daily. To avoid having to blot your face constantly throughout the day (like used to have to do) –  try using a matte finish moisturizer with a green tea moisturizer infusion.

Green Tea Moisturizers Work Wonders For Acne-Prone Skin

Green tea and acne. What gives? For starters, green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory which means that when it is included in your skincare regime, it will absorb and make your acne breakouts less inflamed and puffy.

The Science Behind Green Tea Skin Care

Green Tea is packed with catechins or polyphenols which are fancy words for green tea’s special molecular properties which can reduce swelling and have a profound antibiotic effect. Green Tea also contains a polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate which is shown by research to reduce sebum production. Yay!

Integrate A Green Tea Moisturizer Into Your Skin Care Routine

Moisturizers for acne or moisturizers for acne prone skin. What will work for me? Knowing what you know now about the benefits a moisturizer can have on acne, does a moisturizer with green tea sound even better!? Check out Fountain Of Youth Skincare’s Green Tea Moisturizer. Not only is it a matte finish, but it is packed with green tea and other fruit based nutrients that will help reduce inflammation and keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy. A green tea moisturizer by Fountain Of Youth Skin Care will take your skin care routine to the next level, and help your skin by adding essential ingredients like green tea into your daily routine.

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