A Guide to Surviving COVID-19 in the Spa Industry

The spa industry has been hit hard by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected every part of our world. The impact of COVID-19 in the spa industry has created a significant shift in how spas function and offer their services. 

The spa industry is all about hands-on care. Bodyworkers, aestheticians, nail techs, and hairstylists work up close with their clients, and there isn’t some other way to do their work. In the age of social distancing, the people who provide spa services have changed how they do business. 

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COVID-19 in the Spa Industry: A Hard-Hit Sector

The arrival of a pandemic changed the face of business for just about every company around the globe. Some products and services suddenly were in high demand, while others dropped off everyone’s radar overnight.

And the spa industry, in particular, was hit hard.  

Suddenly communal steam rooms and saunas were not a safe option. Clients, practitioners, and health experts deemed the close work of facial waxing, massage, and skin treatment to be unsafe.

Government leaders in most states temporarily shut down all spas and salons in the pandemic’s first months. Sadly, many had to close their doors permanently, along with tens of thousands of other businesses.

COVID-19 in the spa industry requires significant changes.

And these closures had a ripple effect throughout the beauty and wellness industry. Spas and salons that served as wholesale distributors canceled their product orders. So, the product makers saw considerable declines in their sales. Many of these businesses had to lay off employees or close completely.

Even with help from PPP, EIDL, and other small business relief options, the spa industry struggles to stay afloat.

But as restrictions are easing, people are emerging from quarantine desperate for some self-care and human contact. Many spas and providers have stepped up to meet client needs in this era of the “new normal.” 

The Continuing COVID-19 Impact: Moving Forward

Our world has changed, and it won’t be going back to the way it was. Even when a vaccine rolls out, many protections will remain in place. Methods we develop now will continue to benefit everyone, even as the need for isolation decreases.

But one of the biggest reasons people go to a spa or salon is to feel relaxed and pampered. Owners and providers are learning how to balance a sense of tranquility with the required protocols. That is, how do you create a relaxing experience amid plexiglass and masks? 

You have an ethical and legal duty to take every safety precaution necessary. And your customers will value the time and effort spent creating a spa experience that is not only luxurious but also safe.  

Best Safety Practices for Spa OwnersTemperature checks are the new normal at spas and salons.

  • Require staff members to have temperature checks before coming into the building and to wash their hands as soon as they enter. Masks for the staff and clients should be mandatory.
  • Screening procedures for clients can include a log that lists their name and temperature. Clients can sign only their first name, if they prefer, for privacy.
  • Provide excellent training for your staff. If you have employees or people who lease a space in your spa, make sure everyone knows and follows the cleaning and screening guidelines. There is no room for shortcuts when it comes to keeping your clients and workers safe.
  • Be adamant about sick employees and clients staying home. Allowing someone with symptoms to come into your spa or salon is inviting more trauma. If you have a positive case traced to your business, you will likely have to shut down again for a while. Momentary carelessness can bring significant damage to your bottom line.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

  • When purchasing PPE and other safety items, consider combining orders with other salons to take advantage of bulk pricing. Pursue grants to help offset the cost of required gear and equipment.
  • Be diligent with your customer communication. Most salons and spas now must limit the number of people on site. So even though they are open again, they cannot take their full client load. To protect your income, be clear with clients about your cancellation policy and your screening protocols so that there are no surprises. Send at least two reminders to clients before their appointments to try to avoid no-shows. 

Use many reminders to ensure you don't have no-shows.

  • Up your marketing game. The entire world is spending more time online now. If you have products you can ship, this is an excellent time to invest in higher-level marketing than you may have needed in the past. Social media posts, email newsletters, and live videos are crucial to your success if you are product or service-based. You really can’t overdo it in the COVID social media world. You can also use this opportunity to highlight your safety protocols for on-site customers. Give your clients a behind-the-scenes peek at all you are doing to keep them safe. Create a checklist for your enhanced cleaning procedures to share with your audience. Being vocal and transparent about your cleaning practices will help clients feel comfortable coming into your spa.

COVID-19 in the spa industry can feel overwhelming. And it is. Above all, give yourself and your customers grace. Everyone is navigating the same fear-filled waters that seem to shift every day.

New Tactics, Strategies, and Protocols

As the country began reopening, spa owners scrambled to make plans for serving clients under new rules and guidelines. Surviving COVID-19 in the spa industry takes a significant investment of time and money to operate safely and legally.

Business owners and their staffs have gotten creative during this crisis, meeting needs in a variety of ways:

  • House Calls – Some stylists have chosen to go to their clients’ homes to offer haircuts, facials, and other services. 
  • DIY Kits – Many aestheticians and spas began selling to-go facial kits. These packages typically include sample sizes of cleansers, toners, masks, and moisturizers for clients to use at home. 

DIY facial kits are an excellent option during COVID.

  • Tele-Visits – Skincare experts have been able to meet with clients virtually to talk through treatments and routines.
  • Online Courses – Providers in the beauty and spa industry have been pivoting to offer their expertise through paid online mini-courses. Everything from classes on making your own products to how to care for curly hair are popping up.

Everyone is trying to balance their safety with their mental health. And spa services center around self-care that is more crucial than ever in our stressful world. Innovative providers have embraced new ways to take care of their clients.

Everyone Could Use Some Pampering

2020 has been a hard year for pretty much everyone. At this point, we can expect to need enhanced safety measures for at least several more months. The health, wellness, and beauty businesses are working hard to keep their doors open while keeping people safe.

If you’re ready to pamper yourself from the safety of your house, consider the luxurious small-batch skincare products from Fountain of Youth. And if your spa is looking for a wholesale opportunity, we’d love to connect with you. We are committed to working with small businesses, not chains or big-box stores. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

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