How to Tackle Humidity for Flawless Makeup and Skin

Summer is coming. And with that means plenty of fun in the sun. Beaching, BBQing, chilling by the pool, you name it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re just stoked to say goodbye to the rain for a few months. But, with the warm weather and our good old bud, the sun, comes a big old dose of humidity, laying waste to our best makeup and skin care efforts, no matter how carefully applied. Because, we feel your pain, and as beauty junkies, have subjected ourselves to enough trial and error for a lifetime, here are some tips for keeping makeup from melting off no matter how high the temps rise.

Use a Matte Finish Moisturizer for Flawless Summer Skin

Moisturizers, essential all year round do need a bit of a makeover when temps are on the rise. Matte finish moisturizer provides the soothing support your skin needs to replenish cells throughout the day. Keeping things matte helps get oil under control, and won’t add to the shine factor if things get a bit too sweaty. Try our Mango Tea Moisturizer for soothing skin benefits that smell like a vacation or keep things understated and fresh with our Green Tea Moisturizer.

If You Get Super Oily Replace Moisturizer with Dream Skin Serum

Dream Skin Serum is like a tall glass of ice water for your face—keeping things hydrated, without any excess oils or that dreaded oil slick shine. If you get super oily, try using a serum in place of your everyday moisturizer if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the heat.

Use Matte Finish Makeup or HD Finishing Powder

Powder might feel a little counter-intuitive on a hot day, when you just want your skin to breathe, while at the same time, looking fresh and dewy. But, a light finishing powder is a tool you shouldn’t underestimate. Made for eliminating imperfections such as visible pores and fine lines, a translucent powder helps soak up some excess moisture, keeping that T-zone shine-free. Not only will your pictures look fab, but your makeup won’t melt off as fast, either.

Blotting Tissues Are Your BFF

As much as it kind of sucks to carry products around all day, blotting tissues are an essential for any girl on the go. They’re perfect for combatting oily, sweaty skin, without the need to wash your face and start all over again. What’s great about blotting tissues are, they’re efficient at absorbing shine, but they won’t disturb your bronzer, foundation or whatever else you’ve got on your face.

Don’t Over Exfoliate 

It can feel amazing to use your face scrub on the regular. Dry skin is the worst. Over-exposure to the sun, extra oils, and sweat, sweat, sweat, can have you running for the shower like there’s no tomorrow. So, we get it; it’s tempting to use your facial scrub often, to get that coveted clean feeling. However, doing so could be throwing off your skin’s balance, and causing you to produce excess oils, removing the essential lipid barrier and giving way to skin that goes a little… crazy. To be safe, use a light exfoliant, we recommend the Chocolate Maceocoliant. This product gently removes excess oils, improves elasticity and fights free radicals. A word to the wise, there is such thing as too much of a good thing.  You’re best using this product only once or twice a week to maintain balance.

As Far as Makeup Goes, Lighten Up

It almost goes without saying, but when the sun’s out, your dark lipsticks, cut creases, and complex contouring routines may seem like a bit much. Try easy swap outs like cream blush instead of powder, sheer lip tints, as opposed to the glosses, liners, and sticks. Of course, a waterproof or water-resistant mascara is a no-brainer, especially if you’ll be hitting the beach, the pool, or even just the sprinkler system in your backyard. One more thing. While a hint of bronzer can help you fake that sun goddess glow you’ve been after, too much highlighter can give off a little too much shine when things hit peak humidity.

Oh, and Don’t Skip the SPF

Remembering to put on sunscreen every day can be a big old pain, but down the road, you’ll be happy you put in the effort. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but the hotter months should serve as a reminder to care for summer skin. Of course, it’s also a good idea to cover up by wearing hats, shades and more. But, hey, that’s another story for another time. Any summer makeup tips you’d like to add to the mix? Let us know in the comments section below.