Tangerine Aromatherapy and Health Benefits

Aromatherapy offers your mind and body a way to relax as you breathe in the scents of nature. Uplift your spirit with the sweet scent of tangerine essential oils found in the Tangerine & Coconut Body Scrub. Tangerine aromatherapy can even benefit your health. Some of the health benefits include restoring everyday wear and tear on your body, aide in prevention of infection, purify your blood, relieve spasms, and “fine-tune” digestion. Tangerine essential oils can even improve dry and cracked skin and dandruff.  The Tangerine & Coconut Body Scrub offers the healing powers of this essential oil along with the moisturizing components of coconut. The results of this exfoliator will promote happiness of both your mind and body. If you want to blend tangerine with other essential oils, lavender, clary sage, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon all complement the essence of tangerine essential oil.





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