Top 3 Reasons to Include Green Tea in Your Skincare Routine

Top 3 Reasons to Include Green Tea in Your Skincare Routine

With a history rooted in ancient times, green tea no longer hides only in your teacup. Its health benefits are widely-known and studied, so it’s no surprise that this powerful ingredient shows up in moisturizers and other skincare products as well. Here are the top three ways green tea gives your skin the boost you want.

1. Green tea is anti-inflammatory.

Green tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient. Drinking it gives your body some tremendous systemic help in fighting inflammation. Using green tea moisturizer brings that same benefit to your skin. Reduce redness and puffiness with all-natural products that include green tea as one of their ingredients.

2. Green tea is antibacterial.

Green tea contains polyphenols that fight infection and reduce bacteria. For acne-prone skin, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers with green tea are excellent at reducing outbreaks. Bye-bye, zits! Green tea provides the added benefit of toning down redness to minimize the appearance of scars as well.

3. Green tea repairs your DNA.

Seriously, green tea is basically a superhero in plant form. It counteracts the effects of UV rays and environmental pollutants to repair your body at a cellular level. Its anti-aging properties leave you with smoother, healthier skin that you are proud to show the world.


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