Top 5 Ways To Use The Vegan Scrub This Spring & Where To Buy It

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Hey everybody! Today is the first day of Spring, which always catches me off guard, but it’s here nonetheless. So that means it’s time to bust out the razors and book our waxes, right ladies?! If you are like me, and love to keep The Scrub around, read this article for 5 ways to use The Scrub this spring! You’d be surprised at how many benefits you can get out of this versatile scrub! P.S. How cute are these photos by Jamie Ward?!?

1. Use before a spray tan. I’m a total spray tan fanatic, so having smooth and freshly exfoliated skin is a must for the perfect spray tan. Spray tans use what’s called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) to tan your skin. Something I learned was that DHA uses the bacteria on the skin to bond to – which is why you should never use antibacterial soap before a spray. If you do, you might strip too much bacteria which means your spray tan could wash right off – since it has nothing to bond to. This is where The Scrub comes in. The Scrub has all natural ingredients, and actually exfoliates without stripping essentials from the skin. So your spray tan will go on perfectly even and will stay as dark as you like!

2. Use after a wax. One of the reasons I got turned on to The Scrub, was because my esthetician recommended I exfoliate after I waxed. I tried a glove but it was too rough, then I tried a scrub I bought at the store and it stung. That’s when I reached for The Scrub, and I am so glad I did, because it’s been the best for preventing ingrown hairs. I used to struggle a lot with ingrown hairs, but after using the scrub I have seen a huge improvement. I use it every other day for a week after a wax, and love the results. Plus, it won’t sting at all since it doesn’t contain fillers or alcohols like most body scrubs out there. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

3. Use the scrub after you shave. Just like the ingrown hairs you get after a wax, you can also get them after you shave. Especially if you have thick course hair. By following my advice above, and using The Scrub a day after you shave, you will be right on track to keeping smooth ingrown hair- free skin.

4. Use The Scrub – Coffee to reduce cellulite. Coffee, we love you. But seriously, why can’t coffee be in everything? I am so glad Fountain Of Youth Skincare created the Coffee Scrub because now we can all improve the texture of our skin! Coffee increases surface circulation which when applied topically can reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. The Coffee Scrub should be left on after applied for a few minutes in the shower when used, for optimum results. You can also do what I do and book a body scrub appointment at an FOY spa near you, and get pampered while getting smooth beautiful skin.

5. Get super smooth skin. I think this is a given, but it is the reason we all reach for an awesome body scrub, right? What’s so nice about the scrub is it’s  super fine sugar granules exfoliate the skin like no other scrub, you feel like you have done a microdermabrasion on your whole body after use. Oh so good! Our non greasy formula goes on easily, but leaves your skin baby soft and moisturized after use. Your skin will feel velvety and soft and not at all greasy!
Where to purchase: We always recommend finding a FOY spa near you, and if you don’t see one you can buy online through our online store.
I am so glad I got to share all of my favorite things about The Scrub with you and give you 5 reasons you need to try The Scrub right now!
xx @juliefrankly
Photo Cred: @jamiewardtv Jamie Ward

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