Eat PDX—Our Top Three Favorite Portland Haunts

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Portland has become something of a major foodie destination as of late. Filled to the brim with food trucks in all five quadrants and new restaurants opening every day; it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of interesting bites for the gastronomically curious and the allergy stricken alike.

Variety and bounty aside, three local spots will always have our heart. Read on to see our top picks, and why we’ll never get sick of ‘em no matter what food trend lies over the horizon (we’re looking at you, Mermaid Toast).

VooDoo Donuts

You’ve likely seen a nice peppering of Voodoo’s signature pink boxes at any West Coast airport.  Or perhaps you caught a glimpse of the famous donut shop on Anthony Bourdain’s PNW episode.

Portland’s donut empire continues to expand outside the city from Denver to Austin to Los Angeles—the original Old Town location remains one of our favorite local landmarks.

A Portland staple so uniquely Portland, VooDoo Donuts was one of the first places that made it easy to find vegan baked goods, served alongside all the standards. We’re talking voodoo dolls, Tang-infused creations and more.

An all-inclusive foodie destination, as evidenced by the long, late night lines and ever-growing fan base–consider Voodoo an experience.

Widmer Brothers Brewery


Founded by actual brothers, Kurt and Rob, Widmer Brothers began in 1969, when home brewing became legalized in Portland.

A great place to bring visiting friends and relatives, this North Portland staple strikes a balance between stylish and chill.  It’s perfect for kicking back with a few brews off their rotating list of house-made drafts, indulging in some pub fare.

While it may be a little tricky to go completely vegan here, there’s plenty of food options to go around. Visitors can indulge in some burgers, wings and hearty mac n’ cheese–or skip the meal and take a $5 brewery tour.

From hoppy IPAs to Russian Stouts, and Widmer’s famous ( and award-winning) American Hefeweizen, there’s definitely something there for Portland beer lovers of all stripes.

Stumptown Coffee


Just like craft beer, good coffee is part of the PDX DNA. Stumptown’s many locations (which have spread beyond their Portland roots) all offer that perfect blend of minimal style and comfort—from the hip Ace Hotel to the 3rd Street shop with its exposed brick. The downtown location is one of those destinations beloved by tourists and locals—precisely because there’s nothing better than strong brew on a rainy day.

Whether it’s an Ethiopian roast or one from Guatemala or Columbia—we love that these coffees don’t’ require the addition of sugar or milks. Though if you are craving a latte, you’re sure to get one topped off with some gorgeous art.

Of course, there’s so much more to try! Feel free to share your favorite places to eat, drink and get caffeinated in Portland in the comments section below. Can’t wait to see your picks!


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