What’s Powering the Rise of Vegan Skin Care?

Veganism has grown from a specialized diet into a booming business that ranges from clothes and snack foods to skincare and makeup products as sleek and stylish anything in the mainstream market.

People used to buy skincare based on the presence of high-tech ingredients and the promise of great results. But–we didn’t always place such a premium on knowing where our products came from.

In the 90s, we ate low-fat, chemical-laden foods for the sake of our waistlines. People didn’t know whether their cosmetics were vegan–or what they contained–who cares when you look beautiful, right?

Well… the tides have turned. In 2017, vegan cosmetics sales jumped 100 percent in customers between the ages of 16 and 34. Consumers mentioned that they found animal welfare concerning, citing that as their main reason for making the switch.

So what’s behind the sudden influx of plant-based products? Here are a few theories:

Harm Reduction 101

Vegan products are not only better for the animals, they’re also better for your health.

We know that eating vegetables and drinking plenty of water is essential for our health, and people increasingly understand the same is true for what we put on our faces.

Major retailers are leaning into going green. And what was once the realm of Burt’s Bees or something homemade and fresh off the farmer’s market stands.

These days, people from all backgrounds—from hippy to glam and everything in between—care about what’s lurking beneath those glossy packages. Target and CVS, mass-market retailers, are jumping on the green wagon in response to customer demand.

Think about it; the skin is our largest organ. What we put on our face and body is absorbed into the bloodstream. And, if you consider this alongside the fact that millennials are shying away from processed foods and turning toward quality nutrition.

Even mega-millennial brand, Glossier has gotten some backlash for failing to be transparent about what goes into their products. So, as plant-based foods nourish your body, plant-based skin care products will, in turn, nourish your skin.

As a rule of thumb, if you see an ingredient that you don’t recognize, be sure to look it up.

And of course, if the product does not have an ingredient list at all, it’s best to approach this with a hefty dose of skepticism.

Also, the Tech Has Gotten Better

With the advancement of technology during our time on Earth, humans have learned new ways to improve health.

The vegan lifestyle has benefited dramatically from new advances—be it plant-based proteins or skincare. In this interview with makeup mogul, Tata Harper, you’ll get a glimpse into the science of vegan makeup. We now have vegan substitutes for almost anything — including the ingredients for our skin care products.

There are now so many cruelty-free tested and approved ingredients to use in our products; there’s really no reason for companies to continue to use animal products.

A lot of brands do still test on animals. You can visit PETA’s site for a rundown on the makeup companies that haven’t kept pace. From Avon to Maybelline to Estee Lauder and Clinique, it’s interesting that some of the big names haven’t kept up.

We’re Mid-Evolution

Centuries ago, “makeup” was made from crushed plants or you know, lead. Our ancestors probably would have thought adding animal products to our skin in the name of longevity was nuts.

Still, we’ve learned along the way that things like lactic acid worked wonders on wrinkles. Or, that collagen kept our skin looking plump for the long-haul.

But, as science evolves, our approaches to cosmetics do too. Vegan makeup isn’t just flower petals and coconut oil anymore–we’re using plant-based hyaluronic acid and squalane–ingredients traditionally sourced from animals.

Where the vegans of yesterday looked toward the old ways for inspiration–today, we’re innovators.

Need further proof? Try our Rewind Serum, a vegan blend of glycolic and salicylic acids that fight wrinkles and pigmentation.

Or, if you have sensitive skin, try the Dream Serum. It’s an anti-aging, calming approach to aging. In any case, we think you’ll like what you see.

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