Where to buy professional organic skincare

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You’re probably reading this article to find out where to buy organic and natural skincare. Before you buy skin care online, read this article first.

  1. Beware of Amazon. Yes, there might be some fabulous deals but there are some nitty gritty truths behind the ethics of some sellers. Amazon is a marketplace where anyone with a computer and a bank account can sell on it. Similar to ebay, anyone can sell anything, so unless you know the store or the person personally, beware because your skincare might be expired, or worse, fake. Just look at what happened to Kylie Jenner’s lipstick and skincare line in 2016, she took to Snapchat and Instagram to tell the world fake companies overseas were producing fake Kylie lip kits and selling it discounted on imitation sites and on Amazon. This hurt Kylie’s new line and also damaged it’s reputation by people unknowingly purchasing low quality fake products, and leaving real reviews. Not fair- but that’s the world we live in folks. Fake and expired products won’t just smell bad or off, but they will actually do more damage to your skin than good. Trust me.
  2. Beware of online discount stores. Big companies like distributors have connections to large online buyers and amazon sellers that actually sell professional product at a high volume and at a high discount. In turn these volume buyers turn around and sell expired or almost expired product to the public and are happy to do so- since everyone is making money. Distributors aren’t the only ones doing this either, some of your favorite chain stores are the biggest culprits for underselling.
  3. Beware of large chain stores. Supporting big companies for your professional skincare makes no sense. First of all, if it’s professional, it wont be at a chain store. Second, supporting your local spas and salons will actually help your local economy more so than buying from a chain store. When buying locally, more than 30% of your money is recirculated in your local economy versus spending it at a chain store which will recirculate only less than 5%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So if you are in the market to buy professional organic skincare make sure to visit a spa or a local salon and get educated on the products, get a facial, and get advice from a professional. Support local and make a difference in your community. Don’t know of a spa near you? Search our local FOY spa database here.



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