Start Sweating the Small Stuff—Why Supporting the Little Guys is So Important

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How many of you like the idea of shopping small?

We’d venture to guess that most people find the prospect of shopping small more appealing than the impersonal, and often, stressful chain store experience.

Yet, most of us shop at the big boxes with little thought in the matter. Or, order everything from toothpaste to televisions, makeup, socks and more on Amazon. Yet, shopping large comes at a price–undermining wages, entrepreneurship and frankly, taking up too much wide, open space.

The thing is, most consumers assume that shopping small, means forking over the big bucks.

Here are some reasons why you should rethink your shopping habits, and start thinking small when it comes to consumer goods:

You’re Supporting Your Community–Or A Community

Local restaurants and boutiques are part of what makes certain areas desirable to residents. Think about it, would you rather live in an area boating walkable streets with unique offerings or an area overrun with Chipotles, Starbucks, and Subways?

Okay, the latter offerings tend to send more coupons by mail, but those small offerings pale in comparison to the benefits of supporting smaller businesses.

Small businesses are seriously important to the economy. According to the Small Business Association, 14 million new jobs added in 2014 came from small businesses.

Local boutiques pay taxes that go to your local schools, police force and more— and often play a role in supporting local causes, and bolster the economy in your area,

Aside from the character small brick and mortars offer the community, there’s plenty of reason to shop small when it comes to online indies, too.

Small businesses online may help strengthen a struggling community far away—like jewelry makers in another country who can now feed their families or supporting independent fashion designers or makeup brands (like us!) that offer something different than your standard mall shop.

If you don’t support these businesses, the fabric of the community is sure to weaken–and residents lose out on something truly special. 

More Interesting and Diverse Products 

Part of chain stores and restaurants controlled for quality is consistency.  Meaning, you’ll find the same offerings in Oklahoma, as you will in Oregon, New York or California.  

The “hey, if something worked once, it’ll work everywhere, right?” principle lets people know what to expect, but it comes at the price of diversity and surprise.

In the case of small businesses, there’s generally less foresight in their lineup of product offerings.

Small businesses have the ability to be flexible with their inventory—they may be able to order something without jumping through several rings of approvals and forms.

Embrace the Craftsmanship and Quality

It feels good to buy something that means something. Whether that’s a latte from your favorite shop down the street versus the McDonald’s version of the same drink, or a handmade necklace with a one-of-a-kind stone compared to a similar piece of jewelry from the department store counter.

The mass-produced version never has that same “something” as its handmade counterpart—plus, depressing as it is, mass-producers rip off indie designers all the time.

Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we think our handmade, vegan products have an edge on the mass produced face masks and more you’ll find at a Walgreens or Sephora.

Not Just Small Business Saturday

As a customer, you’ll find that supporting independent e-commerce stores as well as the small businesses in your city comes with some perks. Your corner store, and the e-mom & pop provide a diverse range of products, as well as highly personalized customer service. Plus, communities in which small businesses have a larger share in the local economy report higher civic engagement among residents. A real win-win, if you ask us.

Though Small Business Saturday is a way off, why not make a point of shopping small on the regular? Trust us, your loved ones will appreciate the extra thought, and you can rest assured that you’ll have a better sense of where those hard-earned dollars of yours are actually going.

So get out there and support your stores! Check out our store finder to see where you can buy Fountain of Youth skin care, along with a whole host of kick-ass indie brands.

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