Blu™Berry (Blueberry) Acai Face Mask – Scarring, Pigmentation, Fine Lines, Hydrating, Acne, Anti-Aging


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Blu™berry (Blueberry) Acai Face Mask Description

Bask in a delightful fruit dream with this summer-inspired super hydrating face mask, chock full of real fruits and antioxidants that help protect the skin from aging, pollution and cellular damage. Packed with hydrating face mask exfoliators, you will notice an instant difference in hydration after use. Although every skin type can benefit from this moisturizing face mask, our Blueberry Face Mask is amazing for acne, oily skin or t-zone issues. Our moisturizing super- fruit formula is made with glycolic, salicylic & lactic acid, which help to improve acne scars, fine lines, and offer deep exfoliation for pigmentation issues. Our famous blueberry face mask is the best Glycolic Acid Mask for acne because it deeply exfoliates inside of the pores to help improve breakouts and even-out the skin to it’s natural state free of impurities.

Our best hydrating mask does wonders for instant plumping, hydrating, fine lines, and immediate hydration. Immediately after one use, your skin will feel soft, super-hydrated and have a beautiful glow. If you have dry skin and are also looking for a brightening face mask to help with antiaging, our blueberry face mask is for you. 

I Smell Like

Freshly picked blueberries with a pinch of tart cranberries. 

I Feel Like

After application of using our Blueberry Face Mask your skin will feel baby soft and supple. Our super hydrating face mask is a soft velvety texture with cranberry fibers that offer a slight exfoliation upon application. 

Key Ingredients

Blueberry, cranberry, kaolin clay, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid.

How To Use

Apply a generous layer to the face avoiding the eye area, hairline and eye brows. Leave on 3-10 Minutes. Rinse with warm water and wipe off excess masque with a wet cloth. Cleanse the skin thoroughly with either of our gentle cleansers made for sensitive skin. Follow with toner. 


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