Cakie Pie – Body Cream


100% Vegan ♥       


Body cream so fresh, velvety and sweet, it could almost double as frosting, except that it is great for your skin! Now you can bask in the essence of marshmallow cakey goodness and thank us for creating the perfect body cream. You’re welcome. Cakie Pie comes in a perfect boutique style glass jar, a chic display to all of your customers or friends, especially if you want them green with envy. Because now, you hold the finest, dreamiest, Cakie Pie…

I Smell Like

The sweetest buttery vanilla cake mixed with notes of marshmallow.

I Feel Like

When applied, this buttery lotion soaks right in. It’s organic content and natural ingredients makes your skin want to eat up all this yumminess! Does not feel greasy after application.

Key Ingredients

Hang on…We’re computing..Key Ingredients Comin’ To Ya Soon!

How To Use

Apply generously to clean skin from the neck down to desired areas. Do not eat (I know, it’s tempting).


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