Dream Skin Serum – Fine Lines, Firming, Calming


100% Vegan ♥      

Organically farmed ♥     

Good for you ♥     

This product was manufactured in the USA ♥

Best For These Skin Types

This serum is great for anyone with a face. Especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin, need to calm irritated skin, have acne or want overall anti-aging. 


Dream Skin Serum, one of our top-sellers, is sure to impress. Use any time of day to keep your skin soft and smooth! High levels of hyaluronic acid keep your skin to absorbent to atmospheric moisture, allowing it to naturally smooth wrinkles and lines. Watch your skin transform, becoming smooth and younger looking. Most users report a positive result within just one day’s use! Geranium, a natural antibacterial in Dream Serum helps fight acne-causing bacteria, making this a perfect product for acne prone skin. 

I Smell Like

Light notes of geranium flowers.

I Feel Like

After application your skin will feel baby soft, oil free & healthy. You will notice a hydrating difference right away!

Key Ingredients

Aloe, Vitamin C, Geranium, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, & Vitamin E.

How To Use

Apply a generous layer to the face, neck, chest & tops of hands. Follow with a moisturizer.


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