MicroPeel – Natural Face Scrub


    Note: MicroPeel natural face scrub product contains cruelty-free Honey and/or Beeswax  

    Manufactured In The U.S.A.♥

    MicroPeel Best For These Skin Types

    Our MicroPeel facial scrub is safe for all skin types. To create the best face scrub for sensitive skin, emulsify (mix with water) product in hand with a little more water for desired texture and gently massage into skin. The more water you add to the product before application, the less aggressive the product will be. If you are seeking more aggressive exfoliation, simply use less water upon application. 

    MicroPeel Description

    Our top-selling, one-of-a-kind exfoliator is loaded with sugar crystals and active papaya enzymes that wash away dead skin cells and exfoliate deep into the skin stripping away dirt and smoothing the skin for a healthy glow. 

    Skin feels smooth, and refreshed immediately after use. Formula focuses on stripping away dead skin cells through exfoliation while papaya enzymes focus on antiaging and deeper exfoliation which helps to improve texture, pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars, and over all complexion.

    I Smell Like

    Light notes of pumpkin. A fall season favorite!

    MicroPeel Key Ingredients

    Papaya enzymes, honey, fine sugar crystals.

    How To Use

    Apply a small amount to wet face and exfoliate in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Rinse and cleanse the skin. Follow with toner.

    For sensitive skin, or for less aggressive exfoliation emulsify (mix with water) product in hand with a small amount of water for desired texture. Massage gently into the skin and rinse.

    Our formula is textured and gives you an amazing exfoliation but should be massaged into skin using gentle motions. Our professional grade scrub is appropriate for use 1-2 times weekly. After application, your skin will feel baby soft and smooth. For a less aggressive exfoliation or if you have sensitive skin, emulsify (mix water with) a small amount of product in your hand and then apply to wet face using gentle strokes. 


    This item is available. Estheticians: Make sure to pre-order before fall/holiday season as this product sell out frequently during this time.

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