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The Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

If you are someone who dreads their face washing routine because you just know that something will make your skin get red or bumpy or blotchy, it’s fair to say that you probably have sensitive skin. You may have had these reactions your whole life, or they may have developed later on, such as after […]

5 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Skincare Products

The number of people choosing to follow a vegan diet is steadily on the rise in the United States, with about 3% of Americans adhering to a vegan eating plan. But in addition to veganism in their food choices, an increasing number of people are choosing to live a completely vegan lifestyle. That is, they […]

How to Choose a Professional Skincare Brand You Can Trust

As the skincare market continues to grow and evolve, many customers turn to their dermatologist or their favorite spa when it comes time to purchase products. Spa owners are seeing the benefit of partnering with professional skincare brands to carry high-quality products for their patients and customers. Having top tier items available for purchase in […]

Organic, Natural, Vegan…What Does it All Mean in Your Cosmetics?

As the skincare and cosmetics industries grow and evolve, it can get confusing for consumers to understand all the different labels out there. From organic to vegan to natural to cruelty-free, there are a lot of options showing up on the market these days.   Vegan products alone make up about 7% of newly-launched personal […]

Skincare After Baby: 8 Postpartum Skincare Tips

If you’ve recently had a baby, it’s likely you’re wondering where that pregnant “glow” has gone. The increased hormone production and blood volume during pregnancy often result in beautiful skin for expecting mamas.   And then baby arrives. And suddenly you might not feel so glowing.   Rapidly shifting hormones can combine with very little […]

California Bans Animal Testing

“I wish they all could be California laws.”   Those may not quite be the Beach Boys lyrics we’ve all heard, but here at Fountain of Youth Skincare, we’re celebrating California’s new law banning animal testing on cosmetics sold in the state. This bill, SB 1249, is a tremendous step forward in the fight against […]