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How to Choose a Professional Skincare Brand You Can Trust

As the skincare market continues to grow and evolve, many customers turn to their dermatologist or their favorite spa when it comes time to purchase products. Spa owners are seeing the benefit of partnering with professional skincare brands to carry high-quality products for their patients and customers. Having top tier items available for purchase in […]

Organic, Natural, Vegan…What Does it All Mean in Your Cosmetics?

As the skincare and cosmetics industries grow and evolve, it can get confusing for consumers to understand all the different labels out there. From organic to vegan to natural to cruelty-free, there are a lot of options showing up on the market these days.   Vegan products alone make up about 7% of newly-launched personal […]

How to Give Yourself an Organic Facial at Home

As the weather changes and the hours of daylight shrink, you may find yourself looking for some comforting, cozy self-care routines. Colder temperatures can create changes in your skin during this time of the year, and those changes may require you to alter your skincare habits. Our faces usually need more care and attention during […]

Fall Has Arrived: Time For The Best Facial Serum Available

As the weather starts shifting during the transition from summer to fall, your skin is probably beginning to feel the change. A little drier, a little flakier. You even may be feeling a little itchy thanks to the cooler weather and fall allergens that are in the air. If you feel like you need to […]

Fat Cupcake — Because Who Doesn’t Love a Cupcake

At Fountain of Youth, we pride ourselves on caring for our skin in the most health conscious way possible. With our farm-grown formulas, we’re all about healthy skin care from the outside in. But, all kale and no play doesn’t make for very exciting culinary adventures, and even the healthiest green juice drinkers need a […]

Vegan cupcakes with our coffee? Check out this awesome recipe!

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Look what we had with our Coffee this Morning!!! Working hard here with our Fountain of Youth crew! This morning we enjoyed our local coffee, and we tried these yummy vegan free vanilla chai cupcakes. Here’s the recipe, gotta try it!!! xoxo Allison, Editor Check it out here on Pinterest! Fountain of Youth is a leading vegan skincare […]