How To Create A Profitable Vegan Skincare Retail Display

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How To Create A Profitable Vegan Skincare Retail Display
By Julie Brackenbury
When I first got into retail I was completely lost when it came to product displays. Then I spent 4 years in design school, 10 years in retail, and that all changed. I’m here today, to give you my own personal tips and tricks that I use when creating a product display. Since most of you already own a business, today I’m going to talk about re-vamping your display and then planning for the seasons so that you can sell more retail.
Choosing the right display:
Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a product that’s so low to the ground they have to bend all the way over to reach down and look at it. And forget it if the product is so high you can barely reach it. The golden rule is to have your products displayed within 24” of the center of your chest. So, 24” above and 24” below the center of your chest. The center shelf should rest directly at eye level. This is not meant to be exact, this is merely a guide for you. The idea is, customers don’t want to work hard, and you need to make the shopping experience as easy and user-friendly as possible. A customer should be able to easily read all product displays and product titles without struggling. This is not a grocery store where people need food, this is a spa where everything is a luxury purchase and not a necessity (though this can be argued LOL). Give the people what they want, give them easy to reach and easy to read products. Note: If you are not an average height, use the height of a friend to judge your display mount.
Check out my visual guide of a wall shelving display:
Choose the right skincare products:
First, your products should not compete with each other. For example if you have two Hyaluronic Acid Serum’s on the shelf by two different brands, the customer is going to get confused and your employees are going to get confused. At the end of the day, your sales pitch is going to put one of them down (even if you don’t realize it), and you will be devaluing one brand over another. Duplicated products 9/10 will hurt you.  In general though, try and make things easy on yourself & your staff; choose products that are distinctly different from each other. NOTE: There are exceptions to this rule, for example some spas might need different price-points for their demographic.
Second, stick with a few strong lines. Make sure the lines you choose have good customer service support, get back to you quickly, ship orders quickly, and have great marketing support. Marketing is key here, see if the lines you carry have posters, brand cards, or company swag. Any marketing tools you can get your hands on are going to set your displays up for success and help you sell more retail. Some lines charge for items, which is okay, but make sure it’s not an arm and a leg. It is essential for you to have marketing tools!
Third, choose lines that compliment your brand image and clientele base. If your clients are in their 20’s-40’s choose lines that would attract this market. If your brand represents a vegan and holistic lifestyle, carry lines that have the same values as you.
Fourth, do your research online. Google every brand online and check out how much online sales sites they have. For example, be wary of brands who are sold on Walmart, Amazon or discount sites. Try and carry exclusive brands so that your clients aren’t tempted to buy products from discount sites.
Last, choose a 2-3 lines that are different from each other. For spas I recommend carrying a medical results driven line, an organic retail results driven line and a body line.
Get shelf talkers:
Shelf talkers are a must. And they must be consistent! If you don’t have time to hire a professional designer to make you shelf talkers, ask the skincare companies to send you some. Always ask about marketing tools before investing in a line! You’ve got to have shelf talkers so that customers can easily see price, key information & product name. The idea of shelf talkers is they are there when your employees can’t be. So, get those shelf talkers up and start making more money!
Display your products the right way:
Let’s start by discussing the psychology behind a product purchase. A customer is more likely to buy a product that looks popular. A customer is less likely to buy a product that looks unpopular. It’s so simple, it’s almost maddening. But you have to get that concept down to understand what I am about to tell you. You need to be consistent in your product purchases and always be at least 90% stocked. If your product display looks like a ghost town, chances are, you won’t sell anything. Why? Because the products don’t look popular. Keep in mind an average a spa customer returns every 5 weeks. That means that they have scoped out your product display once, and will return 5 weeks later and will scope it out again. As humans, we want to buy things. It’s in our nature to want to spend money. I am convinced every customer that visits your store wants to buy something, and they are scoping out your product display every single visit. So give all of your clients a great first impression, and they will be coming back to buy.
Here’s some tips:
1. Make sure your displays are always stocked. (at least 3 of each product on display at all times)
2. Make sure your display is dusted daily. And I mean daily. If a customer even sees a few specs of dust that tells them that nobody buys product, and who wants to buy product nobody else wants? Nobody. Dust free always wins.
3.Make sure to use hidden double sided photo tape to secure your shelf talkers so they don’t fall off or become crooked. If your customer sneezes, you don’t want the shelf talkers and display items blowing away. Yikes!
4. Always face your products. Meaning, make sure every product has equal distance from each other, is faced perfectly forward and is near the edge of the display 1”-3” is safe.
5. Have testers ONLY if you know how to have testers. If you don’t have the patience to open the testers, have tester labels, tester sticks and keep a tidy and inviting tester space, just don’t go there. No one wants to try a tester that looks like it belongs in a 1999 product graveyard. But if you can successfully rock a tester display- go for it. Clean it daily, and make it look inviting and classy. I personally don’t have a whole lot of patience so I will keep one tester at the front desk. This works so that all day you are promoting one product, and this works really well!
6. Do not display damaged or open products.
Posters, brand cards, gift bags and more:
Having a display means you need to show off what you got! Give them the glitz and glam! Have product posters tastefully displayed, trendy product stands (you can find some cool stuff online), Have a gift wrapping station behind your desk with maybe a few brand bags out on display. It will show your customers the packaging they get to take home, another incentive to buy.
Be tasteful in your sales:
Tread lightly in this category. How often you run sales can damage your rep. If you get a reputation for sales, then you can become the deal spa. If you use words like clearance, that entails you might not sell a lot of retail, after all why do you have products to clearance? Stay classy. I personally prefer words like “sale” over “30% off”, for example.
Plan for the Seasons:
You should be planning for Christmas in July, and July at Christmas. Your seasons should be well thought out. Having one or two seasonal facial protocols at different price points is ideal for each season, with retail products to pair with each seasonal facial push. For example, having a product highlight for each month is great because you can also keep a product to sample out, or order product samples from the brand itself, to pass out to customers. Seasons are a huge reason large retailers are so successful, and you can be too with solid planning.
Products don’t sell themselves:
Talk to customers. Every time you hand out a sample, talk about it. Every time you end a facial, walk the customer to the product display and go over your suggested take home products. Before every facial, consult and talk about products tastefully. A day spa is a different type of retail space. It is a more intimate experience, which means the buying experience in itself must be more intimate. Do not think for a second, by having a beautiful display and great products that they will sell themselves. Elevate your customer experience and you will get a huge return.
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