Welcome to fountain of youth.

Here you’ll find five star customer service and unbeatable Esthetician Skin Care Products that are organic and vegan focused. We’re so confident in our goodness-packed formulas we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Family owned in the Pacific Northwest, our Professional Skincare Line For Estheticians is a super unique fruit-based boutique line that is making a lasting impact in the Professional Skincare industry. Safe products don’t have to be boring – we can prove it! Our business practices reflect our commitment to integrity. Our Professional Skin Care Line of goodness-packed products are formulated with the safest ingredients that are natural, organic, vegan and farm grown! Fountain Of Youth Skin Care, made 100% in the USA, offers consistent exclusivity by selling our professional skincare brand only on our site and through like minded retail partners in the spa and salon industry. We do not sell to online retailers or chain stores. 


Friends don’t let friends buy skincare at chain stores.

We do not sell our Professional Skin Care Lines to chain stores, retail giants, online retailers or to Amazon. All applicants are carefully screened to ensure our wholesale products are only in the hands of like-minded estheticians, resorts, boutiques and spas.


Fair Pricing Model

Fountain Of Youth’s model eliminates the costly distributor and chain store mark-up. This gives us the freedom to source the finest ingredients locally and manufacture all of our products here in the USA, supporting local businesses. We skip the middle man so that we don’t have to compromise product quality to compensate for the high costs chain stores and beauty suppliers demand.



Many of your favorite esthetician skin care skin care products contain animal byproducts, meaning animals are slaughtered for the sake of beauty. Not ours! We are completely vegan and love our furry friends.


Buy local

Buying local is one of the best decisions you can make.  According to the Andersonville Study Of Retail Economics, local businesses generate 70% more local economic activity per square foot than big-box retail stores. 40% of every dollar you spend at a local store is put right back into your local economy versus less than 20% when you shop at a chain store. Industrial pollution is responsible for about 50% of pollution in the U.S.